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Related post: Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 13:58:05 +1000 (EST) From: mickmack999 Subject: The Reluctant Slave - Part 4.2 & Part 5(m/m, m/t, forced, slavery, nc, oral, anal) This story is (c) Copyright 2007, by MickMack. All World Wide Rights Reserved.The story below is the epic tale of a totally fictional event. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. It is gay erotica and is intended to be read by persons who are 18 years of age or older, and by persons that enjoy gay erotica.The material covered in this story and all other accompanying parts of this story are fictional. Any similarities to persons living or dead are pure coincidence.Please Note: To those who like reading my material, I apologise for taking so much time in getting this story written and posted. It is a bit off the usual subject matter I play around with, but hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.Please send your comments to: mickmack999yahoo.com.auThe Reluctant SlaveThe Life and Times of Brad Cahill - Pleasure Slave*****************************************************************4.2 Brad Cahill - Animal House(Extracts From the Recently Discovered Writings by Brad Cahill -- Pleasure Slave)*****************************************************************I'm scared! Noel has programmed my micro-chip so I am acting like a sobbing frightened little pubescent queer boy.Already three weeks have passed and Noel's eight high school buddies and some of their many friends haven't stopped taunting, beating and raping me.A single tear slides slowly down my swollen right cheek."What a useless faggot! To think this piece of shit used to be captain of our high school football team!" someone shouts out loudly, followed by raucous cruel laughter as all those watching me gloat at my despair."Can't believe the cunt used to strut around school thinking he was such a tough guy! Now look at him! Nothing but a pathetic queer-boy!" another raised voice spits out in disgust.And even though I boy nude underage am the tallest and by far the most muscular guy in this small dank room, and knowing I could probably take them on and protect myself against their underage gay rape abuse, there is nothing I can do but stand there.My micro-chip requires that I submit to their abuse and cry and beg them in a little queer boy's voice not to hurt me, to please have pity on me. And I know underage girls upskirts if I struggle or attempt to fight underage illegal movies back, I will be severely punished for not acting exactly as Noel wants.Also, regardless of my micro-chip, I'm feeling so tired! Absolutely exhausted!My heaving chest rises and falls erratically, and I struggle to stand still, to not fall down on my knees and start weeping and pleading with them.I moan as another overwhelming wave of utter shame consumes me, making my entire body tremble violently. I'm so embarrassed and humiliated by what I am being forced to do, and choking back a shuddering sob, I whimper softly, feeling new spilled tears rolling down underage nude bbs my severely battered face.Frightened, exhausted, I stand absolutely still, my head bowed low. With both hands I hold the front of my high school football jersey up under my chin, revealing the huge darkening black and blue contusions that cover large sections of my muscled chest and flat washboard stomach.My jockstrap and unlaced football pants are pulled down just below my kneecaps, exposing my bare legs, inner thighs and large dangling hairless genitals to all the guys gathered in the room. My legs are trembling, and are spread as far apart as the elastic waist band of both my strap and pants will stretch without breaking and snapping and flicking back painfully on my knees.Also, placed between my thick muscular inner thighs and balanced on top of my lowered pants, sits my football helmet and I can feel the bottom of my dangling scrotal sac brushing lightly against the top of my protective head gear. 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I say in a high pitched boyish sobbing voice to each of them, before I turn my damaged smiling face towards Greg Smithers and Paul Whitman.Again, as the ever-mounting humiliation flows through me, I announce loudly to them individually just how good fucking Daniel's hand is making me feel.Quickly I turn my swollen eyes and look into Simon Dexter's, Mitch Ryan's and Devon Willard's stony hate filled faces, and to each one of them, I also tell them how good this degradation is making me feel.Finally turning to look at Noel, I shiver in fear as I nude underage nudist see the stern unhappy look on his face. 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I slump to the ground and as I feel a crunching blow to my temple ricochet my head backwards, I feel myself slip into unconsciousness once again.Then there are only voices. I hear them but they seem so far away."Is he still alive? Are you sure he's unconscious and not dead?" I didn't know who was talking, but the concerned voice sounded so faint, so distant."I never killed no slave nor queer in my life, and I ain't about to start now!" was that Trevor's voice? Again I couldn't tell."Oh stop being a drama queen, for fuck sake! Let's just get him to Evan's room like Noel said! Though I got to admit, I didn't realise we'd gotten so carried away. He looks like his in really bad shape, dude!" maybe that was Steve's voice, or maybe Daniel's?"Don't worry about anything, guys! This piece of shit is nothing but a fucking slave! Anyway, if Noel's queer brother Evan does what he expect him to do, none of this will matter! And if Noel's right, he'll be the wealthiest person in this state within a fortnight, and this faggot-girl and his brothers will cease to even exist! Remember, there's always a bright side to everything!" that was definitely Trevor's voice, but to me, it all sounded so confusing, so unreal.For a long time I felt nothing. I just floated in a place of complete darkness and emptiness. Then a single underage pussie voice once again rouses me, a soft irritating voice I just want to go away."I don't think I can underaged boypics give you up, faggot-girl! And I sure don't want to give you to my little brother, definitely not sexy strip underage now, not ever!"Yes, that was Noel's voice, a underage teen websites thick syrupy voice speaking directly to me."Oh yes, you've become my perfect sex slave, the ultimate! And you were so good at servicing all my friends like you did. Believe it or not, queer-boy, but I was so lollitas underage sex proud of incest daughter underage you! So I think I need you to stay with me from now on. I think you need to stay with me forever!" the voice of Noel continued softly as I underage cp portals felt a cold moist pressure gently glide across my forehead."So hang toon underage porn in there, my gorgeous sex slave. I want you to get all better now, and then I'll come and get you back. And when I get you back, I promise I'll never hurt you ever again." The voice ended as it trailed off into silence, and I felt two soft lips kiss my forehead tenderly.And then I sank into a darkness of pure silence and peace.*****************************************************************5. Evan Morgan - A Time for Action(From the Private Diary of Evan Morgan)*****************************************************************I couldn't take my eyes off him.He was in the middle of my big king-size bed with free japanese underage my soft satin sheets pulled up under his chin. His chest rose and fell unsteadily, and he was having trouble breathing.He was unconscious. I tried to gather my thoughts as I considered the savagery that must have been used against him as I felt the tears once again trying to escape my eyes.Both Sean and Justin were sitting cross-legged, naked on top underaged black sex of the bed on either side of Brad's inert badly battered body. Both were reaching out and gripping Brad's large unmoving hands, rubbing underaged art them tenderly and trying to whisper encouragement to him through their sobbing tears. Both their heads were bowed low, not in submissive slave supplication, but from broken hearts and fear their big brother was actually going to die.Myself, I was livid. Never had I felt so much anger in my short teenage life.I had been stunned earlier in the day to walk into my own bedroom to find Brad lying in the middle of my bed, his face and body beaten to a bloody pulp, and Noel sitting next to him gently running a damp washcloth over my hero's severely damaged face.How could Noel have done this? It was barbarous. Absolutely vicious and unacceptable, to such an extent it even shocked my father."For fucks sake, he's only a slave! Who gives a shit if he lives or dies?" Noel had said expansively, offhandedly, trying to explain that his friends had just gotten carried away a little bit. But I could forbidden underage see the nervous tick in his right eye as he eyed Brad's severely battered features and gulped as father had rounded on him."What have you done Noel? This is inexcusable! You are never to buy another slave again without my permission from this day forth. Evan, underage voyuer you have permission to keep the three of them here with akon underage girl you, as well as August. But be warned both of you. As soon as this large slave here is healthy again, I'm having the whole lot sold. I won't have this type of bloody minded behaviour ruin the family's good name!" he'd said underage leagle sex as he'd stomped off."I don't know what all the trouble is! He's just a common low-life faggot slave, so why is everyone rallying around him for..." he never got to finish his cruel snide remark.Me, I'd exploded, and for the first time in my life, I had no fear of my big brother, and bellowing at him, I punched Noel in the face."Now get the fuck out of my room before I kill you, you bastard!" I'd screamed.Noel had staggered backwards a few paces when I'd hit him, and he was holding his bloodied broken nose. A look of pure shock illuminated his face. He couldn't believe what I'd done, and taking one more look at Brad laying unconscious on my bed, he quickly turned around and left my bedroom, quietly closing the door after him.I was shaking with rage, and quickly went over and locked the door, and as I looked around, I saw Monet and August immediately assuming the slave position and their bodies trembling in fear.And when I swung my head around, there were Sean and Justin, tears streaming down their faces, leaning over their badly bruised and beaten unconscious older brother in an attempt to protect him from my wrath.Instantly I calmed down. They were terrified of me. They were terrified their older brother was going to die. To them, I was still the brother of the sadistic person who had destroyed their family, enslaved them and had beaten to a bloody pulp their brother."Monet, go and get a doctor here right now. And Monet, not a slave vet, I want a real doctor! August, go get some of my good towels and a large bowl of warm water." I ordered in a soft voice, trying to calm them both down as well. Immediately they went into action, Monet happy to be underaged sex xxx doing something at least, and I could see he was happy I had underage anale finally taken control of the situation."Justin and Sean, try very gently to move him to girl little underage the side of the bed. Otherwise the doctor won't be able to reach him when he gets here." I said in a kind voice, trying to reassure them.At first they looked at me in fear, distrusting me, but Sean quickly nudged his sobbing younger brother and nodded, a signal for Justin to help him as he carefully, very gingerly began to edge Brad's huge limp broken body to the edge of the bed.Immediately I knelt down next to the bed but suddenly Justin placed himself between Brad and me. Slowly I reached out and placed my left hand gently on Justin's trembling shoulder as he tried to cringe away from my touch.And even as I looked at Justin, I remembered how much of a brutal beating he too had suffered at the hands of my brother before I'd quickly whisked him away to the safety of my bedroom over four weeks ago. I wanted to hug him and tell him and Sean that everything would be okay, but I knew that was impossible at the moment.Again I looked back into Brad's face, forcing myself to see through the severe damage done to his face, remembering the tall handsome young teenage football star who had taken the time out to befriend me, and treated me with kindness.Then I turned to both boys, a look of purposeful determination on my face."Guys, he's going to be alright, I promise you! And from now on, you'll all be safe in this room. No-one will ever enter here without my permission, not even my brother. So try and keep your spirits up." I said softly, watching their frightened eyes as they stared back at me.It was another 30 minutes before the doctor arrived, but the moment he discovered he'd been called out to visit a slave, he'd nearly turned around and left. But when I told him Brad was one of my most valued and prized possessions, and that I would personally pay him five times the amount he'd normally make for a house call, suddenly he became my best friend and turned his attention to Brad's needs.As he worked on Brad, bandaging his injuries and injecting him with large doses of pain killers, penicillin, antibiotics and antihistamines, I asked him how difficult would it be to remove the micro-chip from his spine.Of course he went on about how illegal such a procedure was, but he indicated that it was something that could be done in a flash. Given the right incentive, even he might consider performing such a removal."Can you do it now?" I'd asked immediately, as ideas and thoughts began filtering through my mind. Already a plan was forming and I knew what I had to do."Well I could. But he might not survive the delicate procedure in his current physical state, especially if you don't have a full-time nurse to monitor him 24 hours for the next two weeks." He answered."I want four extractions done now. I'll pay you quadruple the amount you would normally charge, plus video pedo underage a goodwill fee if you stay here and monitor them." I stated firmly, hoping he would take up my offer. I didn't think he'd knock it back, as $850k and a underage nudes videos $150k bonus on top is a massive amount of money by anybody's standards.Of course he stayed, immediately phoning his nursing assistant to bring the correct implements he'd require. Then calling his wife, he explained he'd be underage tiny tits away for fourteen days and would see her when he got back home in a week's time.I stayed there too, determined no-one would interrupt us, and making sure the doctor had everything he needed. And as I fussed and worried, Monet took control of putting August, Sean and Justin to work cleaning my bedroom and ensuring it was spotlessly clean and sterile.When that was done, he organised with the kitchen slave staff that we were all well fed.There were angel bbs underage a few anguished moments as I tried to console bbs nymphs underage and explain to Sean, Justin, August and Monet what I was now planning to do.Both Sean and Justin were frantic and nearly hysterical as the doctor very carefully turned their older brother over onto his stomach and began inserting a huge underage chinese xxx syringed needle into Brad's neck at the base of his spine. Quickly I intervened and sitting them both down I told them how the doctor was extracting the micro-chip from Brad's spine, and how everything would be alright. Immediately they both calmed down and looked at me underage drink with hesitant cautious smiles creeping over their frightened despairing faces.Of course the smiles vanished instantly when I told them firmly that they too would have to teens underage fucking undergo the extraction procedure over the next few days.August was also very jittery, unsure of what was happening. One minute he was Noel's personal pleasure slave and the next moment he was about to be extreme underage pictures sold off. Looking at me with huge frightened eyes, with tears running down his cheeks, I finally took him aside and gently told him he too was going to have his micro-chip removed and from now on he would be staying with me.Like the others, he contemplated it for a underage legal nudes little bit and eventually gave me a very grateful smile.Monet was the most calm of us all. In a way, I think he knew what I was going to do before I'd underage latinos even made up my mind. As always, he moved around the room making sure everyone was underage handjobs comfortable.And so the doctor did what I paid him to do. He removed the micro-chips from the spines of Brad, Sean, Justin and August. Monet was the only one without a silicon chip, as his advanced age didn't require him to be fitted with one when they were originally made available to the public.Also, in the fourteen days the doctor stayed monitoring them all, he nursed Brad back from the brink of what possibly could have been his untimely death.He eventually left, shaking my hand heartily, leaving me with instructions on how to continue nursing Brad.Brad had actually regained consciousness on the third day, and even though he smiled weakly as he saw his two brothers, his puffed-up, bruised eyes were full of terror whenever he looked at me. It broke my heart to think he saw me as a brutal enemy that would want to hurt him like my brother had.Physically he got better, mentally he stayed unchanged. To him I was now his master and he was the pleasure sex slave. He woke up screaming every night, frantically staring around, his eyes rolling in terror, and then both Sean and underage boy sites Justin would spend the next few hours trying to calm him down. As the days flew by, we finally got Brad up off my bed and onto his feet.But every time I approached him, Brad would instantly assume the mandatory slave position, his hands behind his back and his head hanging low underage pics gallery on his chest. And like Noel had taught him, he'd offer himself up to me.And I must admit to being amazed, because even though I'd had his micro-chip removed, he'd still be able underage bra to spring a massive erection in seconds as he thrust his groin out for me to inspect him.It was Monet who took me aside one day and underage huge tits told me what the problem might be, and when he underage penis sucking explained it, I felt the tears fall from my eyes as I stared at Brad in despair."Master Evan, I'm sorry to tell you but the friend underage blog naked you knew isn't in there. I mean, your friend Brad as been severely broken and so has his mind. I think you'll find it might be a long time before the young teenage man you once knew finally decides to come back, illegl underage porn Master Evan!" Monet had said softly and gently to me.Again Brad had assumed the slave position, but this time I decided I was going to do something about it. I had to break through to him. Looking around at Sean, Justin, August and Monet, I ordered them from the room into my side study, telling them to close and lock the door behind them. Sean looked at me frightened, but I reassured him with a gentle smile and told him everything would be alright.When they were gone, I turned my attention back to Brad."Lie on the bed Brad!" I commanded, and I watched as he did as I told him. And as he lay on his back, he spread his legs as far apart as he could and arched his hips up high into the air.Instantly my face reddened as I animal underage xxx looked down at him, his legs spread wide, his arms stretched out way above his head, and his huge erect penis laying flush against his flat muscled stomach as he pushed his hips further up.Slowly I approached him and placing my hand on his flat smooth hairless stomach, I gently pushed down, telling him to lie back on the bed comfortably so I could cuddle up next to him. At first he looked confused, wondering underage pron why I wasn't already using and hurting him, but he complied, waiting for my next instructions."Brad, I want you to be my friend. I want you to cuddle up to me and keep me warm. Do you hear me?" I said softly as I lay down next to him and wrapped my arm around his large muscular chest. I could feel him shivering, as if he was trying to work out what he was supposed to do and how to do it."Brad, I love you so much! You're the most handsome guy I've ever met in my entire life. Will you hold me and protect me?" I added, and then I hugged him as tightly as I could to my short skinny body.This time it was me looking up into his confused frightened face as I tried to reassure him that everything was okay. And as I hugged him, I reached up and ran the soft palms of my hands underage teen defloration gently over his body, carefully and tenderly caressing him and kneading his muscled torso.And underage pedophile galleries then I reached for his huge thick erection, and hesitating for only a moment, I bent my head down and took as much of it as I could into my mouth.Again, looking up into his confused face as I tried to suck him off, I was nearly overwhelmed by the wonderfully intoxicating scent of his sex organs.Suddenly he was moaning, looking down into my face with a lost befuddled expression stretched across his, but I could tell he was enjoying the gentleness of my touch and how my small mouth made his thick hard dick feel.To him, here was his master sucking on his penis, and I was being gentle, tender and caring. Quickly I let his erection fall from my stretched mouth, and just as quickly, as he lay there feeling even more confused, I stripped off my pants and straddled his waist, lowering my virgin hole onto his massive penis.I didn't try to push myself down on to him as hard as I could. To do so would have sex underwater underage ruptured me and probably ripped my insides to shreds. I just wanted him to feel the warmth of my butt cheeks around his large pole for the moment, and then I'd slowly try to get some of his huge fat dick into my tight virginal passage.It took ages and it was hard going, nude underage 12 and at times I thought I would pass out. But by small degrees and forcing myself to continue on, and making myself sit further down on him, I could tell I must have taken maybe more than two-thirds of his stiff organ deep into my anus.With perspiration pouring off me, I felt the skin of his smooth hairless balls finally touch my arse cheeks and I knew he was all the way in and I was sitting all the way down on him.I won't lie. I was in excruciating pain, underage porn directory but I raised myself up a fraction and slowly sat down again. Up and down I bounced at first doing it very, very slowly so I could try and get use to the feel of cute underage pussy how his mammoth index bbs underage cock was stretching me beyond endurance.It didn't get any less painful as I slowly increased the speed. At times, I knew I'd collapse in a dead faint if I didn't suddenly feel his hands come up around my hips and hold me firmly, and as I looked down into his blue eyes, I saw the confusion he was feeling as he fucked upward slowly like a real man for the first time since he'd been brutalised by my brother. And for the first time since Noel had hurt him, I thought tiny underage sex I saw the real japanese forced underage Brad looking back out at me."Roll me underage nudepics onto my underage arina back and really fuck me hard Brad. I want you to fuck me as hard as you possibly can, just like a real man! I want you to hurt me like my brother Noel did to you! Use me like a slave and hurt me, Brad!" I gasped out as I tried not to black out, tears running down my face as I gritted my teeth against the agony, and silently praying he would do it but be very, very quick about it."No Master... Please! I'll not hurt you, and I don't want to do that to you any way, please Master!" Brad said in a panic, nearly hysterical, as he slowly pulled his cock out of my arse as gently as he could. But he did roll me onto my back and underage rapidshare lying next to me, clutching my small thin body close to his, he look down into my face with a funny bewildered frightened smile on his face.Then I just lay there, smelling his naked body, enjoying him hugging me close to him. In my mind, it was a start, and I knew if I did this every day, making him feel more like a man in control, urging him on to look after and protect me, I'd eventually break through his mental block and he'd come back to us all once more.So every day, once I'd sent everyone out of my bedroom so Brad and I could be alone, I continued to straddle his waist and take his huge erect organ up into my arsehole. And every time I would take him all the way up me, I'd nearly faint from the extreme pain of having it stretch me open so wide.At times I thought I was getting used to its width and length, underage erotic nudes and then I'd stupidly think I'd quite happily enjoy having him fuck me as hard as he could. But as he'd once again lift me off him and lay me down next to him as he cuddled me close to me, I'd feel myself lose consciousness from the extreme pain as he slowly but underage child pornography gently remove his massive pole from my anus.But finally the day came as he lifted me off him and hugged me close to him."I can't fuck you like you want Evan. It would hurt my heart if I did to you what your brother and his friends did to me." Brad suddenly said in a voice I recognised from a few month's underage russian thumbs ago when he was still a free citizen.Startled, as I looked up into his eyes, I knew instantly it was Brad, the real Brad, and I grinned up at him stupidly as I looked up through a fog of misty tear-filled eyes to see my hero looking underage sexy models down at me. And like a little giggling boy, I remember telling him how much I really did love him, and that one day, I truly hoped he would make love to me.He held me close to his chest and I must have dozed off, because when I suddenly woke up, I was covered in my own bed sheets. And to my surprise, Brad was kneeling next to me, serving me up a cup of tea. Beside him stood Sean and Justin looking down at me, but with excited expressions on their faces.Suddenly Justin, like a little kid, jumped on the bed next to me, and lying down he put his arm over me, hugging me gently. With the biggest smile of joy on his still bruised face, he gave me the sloppiest kiss on my lips."Thank you for bringing my brother back! Oh thank you so much, Evan!"I was stunned and a little embarrassed. As I looked up into the eyes of my role-model, at teenies underage nude the big teen porno underage gentle grin spread across his handsome face, I wondered if he'd told them what I'd been doing all these days. Would they think any worse of me? I knew underage tgp google my face must underage mom fucking have been bright red.Sean then kneeled down next to me and hugged me close to his chest. He also had a huge smile plastered across his face."I don't know what you did, but thank you Evan! Thank you so very much!" he underage porn ilegal blurted out happily.Well that answered my question then. No, Brad underage incestaaacop hadn't said a word.Anyway, after six long weeks, with us all cooped up in my bedroom, nearly all evidence of Brad's brutal beating and rape was gone. His handsome face healed completely. He continued to have terrible nightmares, and most times, only his brothers could approach him and calm him down, and I wept whenever I saw him suffering like that.I admit to being very nervous, as after seven weeks, father finally demanded entry to my room to see how Brad was for himself. I had prepared Brad, letting him know it was alright, that my father was just checking on his health.My father was indeed pleased when he discovered Brad had recovered, and then taking me aside, he told me softly it was now time for us to get rid of them, that he would have them sold in the next day or two.I was ready for him and immediately replied I had already organised for someone to buy them all, and I'd be taking them by the end of the week to their new home and master. I then asked father to keep this our little secret, as I didn't want Noel knowing anything of what I was doing. Father was actually surprised, but as he looked at me a smile came over his usually stern face. Nodding his head, he patted me on my shoulder."Okay son, I'll leave it all up to you. I know this means a lot, so you do it your way." He underage first fuck said as he closed my bedroom door behind him as he left.When I turned around, all of them were looking at me nervously. We had all known this time would come, and now it was here, I needed them all to be brave. And even though fear shone from their eyes I could tell they were ready. Quickly I motioned for them all to sit down and listen to me carefully."Here's the deal, guys. Tomorrow morning at 7am, I'm taking you away from here forever!" To Be Continued...*****************************************************************(If you liked the story, please send feedback to mickmack999yahoo.com.au)
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